On the “rights” of the demoniacs

(by Father Constantine S).

Lets go back a couple thousand years ago, somewhere in the land of Gadhara, where our Saviour was greeted by two demoniacs, who lived in the graves (Matt. 8: 28-34) The two possessed men were acting so fiercely that nothing could keep them still, even the most powerful chains, and no one dared to pass by them because of fear. The demons were cast out by Christ Who allowed them to enter a herd of pigs, that once possessed by the unclean spirits run into the nearby sea shore, perishing. The consequence was that the inhabitants of those lands asked Jesus firmly to leave their land.

  Surely, a lot can be said on the inhabitants of Gadhara that asked Christ to leave their land for “the damage” He had caused to them. Placing it into the current context, we can also think how the people of that land, by their gesture, have fought for the “demoniacs rights”. If these two possessed men chose to serve the powers of darkness (as no one will get possessed unless he does the devil’ will), why not leave them as such and respect their choice? In other words, why they should be discriminated against just because they are different from other people? You can be a man living in the community, having a normal family, but you can also be demonized, living in isolation… So why should we bother these people? Especially when intervening in their healing, you risk to have a consistent loss. That’s how the inhabitants of Gadara were probably thinking, concerned not to disturb the community of demoniacs, quite large in those days.

  The Gergesens of our days however, have progressed as they work preventively. They no longer wait for God’s intervention so they may ask Him to leave their lives, but watch for Christ not be present at all in society, so that He may not heal anyone from certain passions. And for this, they need laws to restrict the access of God in schools and public places, leaving (at least for now) the chance that He may be present in private places.

 The contemporary Gergesens, fearing discrimination damages, rush to offer to all the “sexually diverse” [possessed] the “right” to live forever in their tombs of loneliness, in suffering and un-fulfillment as a man and woman in the family. Under the pretext of respecting “human rights”, it is hidden in fact the inability of contemporary man to truly love. We don’t love others when we leave then in a state of been continuously traumatized, we do not help by “respecting their right” to suffer alone or even as a gay couple with pretends to be “married”. We love man when we intervene to free him from the pain that makes him to wrongly choose. A wrong choice to his initial longing for God and paradise, that is impossible to be voided by laws and directives.

We have become accustomed to evil

(by Fr. George Calciu)

Today we’ve got used to all evil. So much we’ve became accustomed to this state that no one is disturbed by a new heresy that arises. We’re no longer troubled by homosexuality, or by a “Da Vinci Code”. We are accustomed to evil. It is the darkest side of us all. We are accustomed to evil in such a way that we no longer notice it. This is our moral state in today’ world. Every heresy that occurs primarily earns its presence in the city, by the dirty laws of society and all modern societies have such laws. They’re all in the service of the Antichrist to destroy all morals, to isolate the person, to create division, to make him a slave, a mare cog of the Government’s agenda. No matter whether you live in the “greatest” democracy!  All these have made us to slowly get used to evil. Today no one cries out on what happens near us, or when Jesus is mocked, or that our faith is been transformed into a game. Christians are considered retarded because they believe in Jesus Christ. We are been told that there is no other faith but only what is palpable: and “the right” to enjoy life, without restraint!