Where does one’ weakliness begin?

In the imagination of the haughty mind!



 Thus the mind thinks that it is better not to guide itself after the commandments of God, but by its own wisdom or better said by its passions. But sin leads man right to its consequences, just as you wound draw yourself knowingly into a bar fence.

A weak mind is also revealed in those who do not wish to come to the confession and repentance of their sins; how then, can they expect healing from their illness… The doctors can help, but the mind can only be healed by God.

If man would suit his actions after the commandments of God, which are also the commandments of nature, and will not confuse evil for good, then man would prevent all nuisance and trouble, but on the contrary, he crushes his head in them and then he walks away mournfully.

My brother, let yourself be guided by the godly counsel, because a naughty mind will one day crush… and may not be anyone to help tie it.



(Father Arsenie Boca, Living Words)