You could offer good counsel to others only after you grew in its fulfillment so the measure of your perfection (which you were raised to, by practicing what was commanded to you) may radiate forth to others.

If you instruct others on what you were thought too early, you’d lunge its importance, as it might not be proper for their current state, then you’ll risk not to be understood by others.

You’ll be able to enlighten others with your word, when you grew in its fulfillment; this will transcend from the measure of your perfection after you had been practicing what it was commanded to you. But only after they too were raised at the measure to accomplish that teaching.

Thus Christ could preach powerful words, but forbade others to further teach before they could live the word. 


(Fr. Dumitru Stăniloae, Commentary at St. Varsanufius and St. John’ spiritual letters; Philocalia)