The raising of Lazarus"  Mosaic (6th) Sant Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy

“With the holy man wilt Thou be holy… and with the perverse wilt Thou be Perverse (cf. Ps 17)” or “Tell me who’s your friend so I may see who you are,” says a proverb.

The Lord called Lazarus, His friend. The kind of friends you have is of great matter.

Avoid evil. If you see that your friend leads your soul to perdition, end that relationship. Do not partake with the man that speaks evil, with him that judges or slanders. Make friendship with the righteous, the humble, the wise and the good. Thus was Lazarus, a friend of Christ. May your friend be a help to your salvation! “

(From father Valentine Mordashov, the elder of Pskov)