Roman Catholic and Orthodox theologians reported promising progress on Friday in talks on overcoming their  Great Schism of 1054 and bringing the two largest denominations in Christianity back to full communion. More…


And the true voice of the faithful….

“It is impossible to recall peace without dissolving the cause of the schism—the primacy of the Pope exalting himself equal to God”

“The Symbol of the Faith must be preserved inviolate, as at its origin. Since all the holy doctors of the Church, all the Councils and all the Scriptures put us on our guard against heterodoxy, how dare I, in spite of these authorities, follow those who urge us to unity in a deceitful semblance of union—those who have corrupted the holy and divine Symbol of Faith and brought in the Son as second cause of the Holy Spirit” (s.v. Jan 19th in The Synaxarion, ed. Hieromonk Makarios of Simonas Petra, and trans. Christopher Hookway; Ormylia: Holy Convent of The Annunciation of Our Lady, 2001).

“The Latins are not only schismatics but heretics… we did not separate from them for any other reason other than the fact that they are heretics. This is precisely why we must not unite with them unless they dismiss the addition from the Creed filioque and confess the Creed as we do.

St. Mark of Ephesus


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