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Fr George in the center


Its image is gentle but its intent, perfidious 


  There is a “spirit” unveiling in Europe and the world in general, a (proteic) New-Age kind of spirit that frequently changes its appearance and speech, striking the Christian world from all sides. Its image is generally gentle, its discourse attractive, but its intent perfidious. This spirit can speak in beautiful words about family, but its intent is to annihilate it. It can also sermonize on the Church, full of “love” for all, a sort of religious syncretism, but its urge is primarily to dispel Orthodoxy. It can speak about nations and their homelands as something that it tries to support, but its intent is to destroy both the Church and the nations. This spirit is called ecumenism.

  And this whole “beautiful” discourse, which takes on many faces, has only one purpose: the destruction of nations, the abolition of the Orthodox Church in particular and the establishment of a group of leaders, anointed by I do not know whom… to win over all nations to their spirit, to initiate them into certain social, political and religious orders, so that those leaders may always direct [world events]. Let us not be deceived! I live among these “speaders” of prolific and protean discourses that cover the world. And I know their hearts. They have no good intention for our Church! Under the guise of Christian love, of Christian peace, they hide their perfidious intent. And I came here to say: Do not get allured by it!

  In this “New Age” spirit I’m referring to, nothing exists with an absolute value.

  For their intent is to destroy all the elements of the Faith, the moral elemets, the elements of kinship  on which  we have relied, since – so to say – there is no absolute truth. The truth, according to them,  is that which I possess [i.e. subjective truth]. And therefore, when my neighbor is wrong, I cannot tell him: “You’re deceived!” Nor can he tell me that I have erred, because we are absolute entities [onto ourselves]. We have our opinions which are absolute, but before others, they hold no value! This game of hiding the truth is an insidious invention of Satan.


On the True face of Ecumenism

(An interview taken by a reporter in 2005)


Interviewer: – Father, can a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew live together in peace and harmony and what would be the secret?

Fr. George: – Their mutual respect; this is the only manifestation of good harmony. In no case, the participation in common prayer or services. These are things that break the elements of dogma of different religions.

Interviewer: – Does everyone worship in the same God?

Fr. George: – Not always… We only know One (Trinitarian) God, Who reveals Himself to us and we worship Him. Other forms of gods are distorted or false.

Interviewer: – What do you believe to be the greatest temptation that an orthodox faithful faces today?

Fr. George: – Ecumenism.

Interviewer: – …My next question was if you agreed with the existence of the ecumenical dialogue, but…

Fr. George: – No. Absolutely not. For that ecumenism is a more subtle form of masonry. Masonry tries to destroy the Orthodox faith and the Christian faith in general. Ecumenism is trying to cling on few ideas that seem very generous: why shall we argue among ourselves, let us live like brothers, let us love one another, we can worship together and pray together … things that are not allowed in Orthodoxy. All the 7 Ecumenical Councils forbid the co-prayer with those apart from Orthodoxy. If we do not obey these canons, and become subject to ecumenism and the pressures and promises of the West, which are all vein lies, it means that we violate all canons of the Orthodox Church, the only true ecumenical one.

Interviewer: – Under the current state of the media when Masonry is so publicized, please underline few elements as of what this anti – Christian movement means! 

Fr. George: – Masonry is a demonic organization that worships Lucifer, has some secrets and keeps them firmly, but reveals itself to the world as a charitable organization that takes care of the poor. Every Masonic Lodge deals with Unitarianism or an order, but beyond these facts, the Spirit of God is absent and all these are made up for deceit. So (my child), do not be fooled by it. Not everyone who speaks promptly in the name of God has Him in his heart, and they have Him the least. The greatest danger is this process of globalization and the anointing of some individuals entitled to lead mankind. Who is anointing them? They are the anointed sons of Satan and not sons of the living God.

  As for us been “small” and having no “powerful speech”, let’s keep our faith and let us not forget that we represent the true faith that saves, and lets strive with all out power to fulfill the duties to our nations and our Church.


  (Taken from Fr George’ Living Words, translated by EC, to be continued)





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