“Walking on the Sea” with Father George Calciu

  Why (get into) the boat? For it represents the Church. The church is built so much like a boat or shaped like (the sign of) the cross. The boat keeps you away from the waves of the see, but the Church from the waves of this life. And the Cross saves you from all hardships for Jesus Christ was crucified on it; and in that mystical sense, it is through the cross and our Savior’s blood shed there, that the church was founded. As for those who abandon the church, they are neither in her (the church) and nor can they be in Christ.

  Peter wanted to leave the boat (the Church) so he can be somewhat greater than the other disciples, on the waves next to the Saviour. It was a temptation that he urged Jesus to grant him the power to walk on see. So Jesus bid him to walk and he did, so long as he hasn’t doubted and his faith was strong.

  The Church is the only salvation of our souls. He, who places himself outside it, is a lost man. We are been saved only in her. It is inside this ship that we are washed off from our sins, and never outside it. Him who ventures to leave it, as did Peter, wanting to wonder further above the seas, after the heights of God must hold a great faith that the waves do not bend or disturb him no matter the winds, as long as his heart and mind are directed towards Jesus. But how many of us can really be saved outside this ship, such as to speak directly with God?

  The Protestants say: “I have my own relationship with God and have no need of a priest or the Church, I need no sacraments, and I speak directly with God Himself!”

  I do not know how much they’re speaking directly with God…, but from what I have seen, they are conversing more with their earthly interests then with God.

  Our Saviour will save you from certain trials (if you cry out to Him). He will reach out His hand and caught you, and say: “O man of little faith, why did you doubt?” (cf. Matthew 14, 31).

  We often travel the waters of this life and the temptations are many. In this world so troubled by snares, by wars and horrors, and by all means that will lead to its End, who can really come to Christ by walking alone on the sea? Who can venture so hard to cry out at his last minute, for Jesus to stretch out His hand and save him? For our own good and our salvation, it is best to remain in the Church. Amen!

(Taken from Fr. George’ Living Words: To serve Christ means suffering, translation by EC).