The late Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi have passed into eternity on July 1, 2009. Elder Joseph is an exemplary model of ascetic struggle belonging to the great generation of later hesychasts from Mt. Athos and he had been a close disciple of Geron Joseph the Hesychast. Elder Joseph left us many spiritual counsels as he also compiled the life and teachings of his spiritual elder: Joseph the Hesychast. Many theologians and spiritual fathers have rightfully considered Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi a modern day saint.

 A documentary on the life of the hesychasts in Mt. Athos (Greek)



  A year without Elder Joseph & the Synaxis of the 12 Apostles – double joy to celebrate the luminaries of our church and “a smile from eternity” gazing on the face of the later Elder Joseph Vatopaidinous. The first annual memorial service for the departed elder, took place on July 1st in the Sacred Monastery of Vatopaidi. More about this event, with English translation at: Funeral of Blessed Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi



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Why’s the smile of elder Joseph of Vatopedi from eternity?