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In the absence of other worries … this is what  the „papal servants” are preocupied with!

… News from Versailles…

  70 Catholic priests will take part in the championship race-karts “Padre Cup” in Trappes (Yvelines), this been the 3rd edition of  the championship of karting for priests, a charity race that will involve 70 Catholic priests from 19 dioceses in France, “thus sanctifying those mechanical vehicles”, organizers say.

  “We wanted to provide a ‘more de-complexed’ image of the priests, during a practical reality that tries to destroy them,” told AFP news, Rev. Pierre Amar – one of the organizers of the race. “Priests are down to earth, able to relax and remain people,” he added.

  “We like the meetings between priests around a movie poster, in organizing marches, or in this case, a race, but we never talk about it because it seems something trivial,” continued Rev. Amar.

  During the race, each lap of the circuit will provide the opportunity to winning some prizes in euros, for „charitable actions”. (However, it is not  known whether donations will cover costs, repairs, transportation of participants…)


Evangelism or secularization?

 An Orthodox Response

By Fr. Mihail (Michael) – Abbot of Antim Monastery

  The presence of a priest, even without preaching anything, is a testimony of God’s presence. But God-the most pure One, can not be dragged into any place of temptation or any activity where human passions and idolatry are glorified!

  And no priest can go on and assure that through his presence, all things are pleasing to God. This is because, instead of evangelizing the world, unfortunately the priest, without discernment, by letting himself „ordained” in such “human activities”, will start to work in the  devil’ favor and towards his own desacramentalization (secularization) as well as of the world. From a shepherd gathering his sheep, he turns into a ravaged wolf…

  For more than a thousand years now and far from being over – the fall of the Christian West (see 1054) in almost any heresy, has been officially accelerated by so-called „aggiornamento-area” – a continuous and progressive adaptation to the spirit and the fashion of the world.

  Already formed and integrated (or more precisely re-educated) from childhood in this atheistic or anti-Thy mentality, man – in this pitiful state, no longer distinguishes the natural good from the unnatural evil  so he may avoid the death of his soul; he works evil believing that is what’s  “good”, “natural”, „right,” all for the sake of Satan. It is the acme of decadence and demonism….

  We notice with sorrow, how this phenomenon of de-sacramentalization (of  secularization) invades the whole world as a pandemic, the worst pandemic ever, with countless victims across the globe; from bishops to laymen, from the old to the young, from business to hobbies, turning us – submissive victims into pathogens …

  In other words, if we do not stimulate our spiritual „immunity” in the “right faith” through sacraments and holy virtues, fasting and prayer, we risk to become our own criminals; and, our communities and families, rather than becoming resurrection „cores” transfigurated by love, will soon become death scaffolds of sin and disfigurement; with us the executioners but also the convicted. (…)

  Let us pray to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with a contrite heart, that He may grant us wisdom and strength, humility and love, so we may remain through His grace, alive and  fruitful in the faith, enlighten and stilled in the good deeds, fighting the goog fight to raise our ecclesial consciousness and our communion in the Holy Spirit; to fulfill the call of the Apostle Peter: ‘you also be holy in all your conduct, as He who called you is holy, because it is written „Be holy for I am holy. “ (1 Peter 1, 15). Amen!

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