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On the Antichrist


Metropolitan Cyprian (from the Holy Synod of Ressistance)’ sermon (fragments) on The Sunday of Orthodoxy, Greece, 1995

“You see that apostasy, as it goes on and advances, as we read in the books of our church, must reach its peak – the Antichrist to come. From the signs of the time, we see how Christ is approaching, Christ is coming, and we MUST be prepared! – as Christians that we are called and named, if we want to go forth and meet Him, if we want to be united with Him and rejoice with Him eternally.

We SHOULD hold two things dearer than our sight, dearer than our eyes.

First  – the genuineness of Orthodoxy, and I stress this word genuineness because today even the ecumenists want to be called Orthodox!

But this along is not sufficient, just as a bird does not fly with one wing but with two wings. The second wing is Ortho-practcy – correct practice. The first then, is the correct faith, and the second is the correct life so we might be able to say to men who are far removed from the church, what Philip said to Nathaniel: “Come and see”.

I pray that in this difficult time we are passing through, I stress, I repeat, and the difficult times that are await us, Christ may maintain us to the end of our lives, to the final heartbeat, in the correct faith, in the correct life. Amen!”

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