The Magi precious gifts for our Lord and Savior are now found in the Monastery of St. Paul Xeropotamenos from Holy Mt Athos


  The monastery of Saint Paul, now dedicated to the Presentation of Christ, earlier honoured the Saviour, the Virgin and Saint Georgios.

Among the monastery treasury and relics are:

–  the precious gifts that the Magi brought to the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ;

–  pieces of cloth our Lord was clothed at birth;

–  a big piece of wood of the cross the Lord was crucified on, dressed in silver,

–  a large piece of blood from the  40 Holy Martyrs;

– a finger of St. Basil, and many other Relics of the Saints.

  Ranking fourteenth in the hierarchy, it owes its foundation, to the 8th/9th centuries A.D., according to tradition. The monastery is probably, however, a foundation of Pavlos Xeropotamenos in the second half of the l0th century A.D. The monastery of Saint Paul only acquired a permanent place amongst the other Athonite monasteries after A.D. 1370, thanks to the intervention of the Serb monks Gerasimos Radonia and Antonios Pegases. Early in the l4th century the Palaiologoi and the kings of Serbia extended the complex, and after the Fall of the Byzantine Empire, the Christian sultana Mara, Greek and Romanian princes of the Danubian principalities made funds available for renovation and additional building. It was deserted at the time of the War of Independence but finally recovered, thanks to donations by the Russian tzars.