Ecumenism – a great temptation


            – Regarding the compromises within the church, it  is very much conveyed today the idea that ecumenism is a necessity in ecclesiastical space. What are your thoughts on this?

           Fr. George:If we submit to the devil, that means a necessity? This is not a need, but a sin, a great temptation, a heresy. I think that the Orthodox Church should mind its own activity, not the interest in ecumenism and so on. The (Orthodox) Church should live in Christ as she lived until now.

           – What do you think the strength of Orthodoxy consist in?

           Fr. George:The power of Orthodoxy is that, she had not changed anything in the canons set by the Holy Ecumenical Councils after its separation from Catholics, while Catholicism consists in number and organization. The power of  Catholicism wears out today, the strength of Orthodoxy remains. If Orthodoxy falls, it’s through the sins of the people inside her, not by other means. Because Orthodoxy in itself is unbeatable.         

            – So we wear down from the inside … 

           Fr. George:Yes. The problem is that we – ourselves have become corrupted, not by been influenced by others. Even now, in the European community, each church could keep its full identity, without compromise or breaking its religious doctrine, if she’ll  have the awareness that she (the church) must keep her identity.

            – So, we have  to  work on the  mentality …

           Fr. George:Well, that’s the problem. If we lose our attachment to the Orthodox tradition and start to dilute ourselves in this absurd and criminal movement of ecumenism – and if it’s not criminal, it’s at least anti-Christian – then we’ll certainly be lost. It’s a great tragedy! I wonder if they really don’t understand its danger? Or perhaps they are bribed? I do not know, I do not get it …        


Papocentric Globalism and the Alienation of Orthodox Ecumenists (an Orthodox awarness film)


           – What is the relationship between hierarchy and the monasteries?

           Fr. George:Generally the monasteries obey their hierarch. But only to the limit of heresy. Because of this, the hierarchy, especially in some areas, is upset. It persecutes monks, invents all sorts of things about them, all sorts of lies such as the one that they obey to the Russians, etc,. all aimed to motivate their ecumenist actions…            

           – If you would meet the Patriarch of Romania, Teoctist, what would you say to him?

           Fr. George:I met him many times. And I confessed everything that I thought. And I was surprised that he was opened to listen, to relay to me many things and, to not get offended. He has a balance! I am a little worried and troubled at the thought that the patriarch will die. For he maintains a balance where he is.

           – How do you see the current state of our Church?

           Fr. George:As in that story that my mother used to tell us children…with the legion of devils gathered to the house of the widow who had seven children and all were praying. Even today, the Church is surrounded by legions of devils. I mean not only our own but every Orthodox Church in the world: millions of devils surrounding them.

Tribulations took place at all times, but now they seem to multiply. There are many disobedient priests and many monks wandering, which should not go in such way. Many monks are wondering to the West. Why?! They should remain in the monastery. If they do not like their monastery, that is ecumenist and so on, they should choose another monastery, because they can do so.

I mean we have to impose ourselves a discipline to respect the Church’s authority, so far as it is worthy of Christ to respected it. But you must steadfast in front of Satan! Steadfast as a pillar! to know when he faces a monk, a priest, a bishop and he will be defeated!.

 (Excerpt from the book” The Life of Father George Calciu – Christiana Press, P.131/132, translated from Romanian by EC)

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Truly, the words of Father George: “Steadfast as a pillar in front of Satan!” are more truthful than ever!